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Well, Hello Nurse!

The fine folks over at NCircle seem to have been given a directive from on high: Let there be blogs! And there were. And ncircle saw, and they were good. And someone said, let the bloggers be prolific, and behold, they were, with 18 or more posts in 5 days.

Great coverage of CanSecWest, and oooh, look, mmurray was in my talk at Security Leadership. (I agree with his summary. I was trying to deliver common sense, not anything earth-shattering. I’d love your thoughts on the second half, about pushing for more secure code, mmurray? Again, I was aiming for common-sensical, but was it effective?)

And where’s my man TK? If I don’t get some TK blogging, the little clock man gets it.

One comment on "Well, Hello Nurse!"

  • Murray says:

    Hey dude…
    Your talk was excellent. I loved the 2nd 1/2, but I didn’t post mostly because I agreed. With me in the audience, you were preachin’ to the choir.
    I took 2 big points away that I didn’t blog about – you totally nailed the message of “increase MTBF, decrease MTTR” – if more people thought that way, this stuff would be a lot easier to explain. Simple, concise, and to the point.
    The other comment was about the correlation between Thanks and patch reliability – interesting. I’ve been playing a lot in my head with the correlation vs. cause issues there…

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