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Canada, Land of Rugged Individualists?

Well, for the sake of our non-Canuck visitors, a brief primer is in order. The post 1960’s Canada can be better described as Trudeaupia – a progressive-era dream that just kept on chugging along. The stage in our history where good liberals had become bad Liberals and were well past the point of no return. While Mr. Trudeau was exactly right in saying “the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation” he, alas, felt the state had plenty of business everywhere else. Survey the conventional wisdom in the Canadian media, or even when talking to the average Joe in the street, you’d be under the impression that things were always and forever meant to be this way – a nation that values socialist health care above just about anything else, espouses squishy multilateral foreign policy and derives national identify only through contrasting its social programs with its more imposing southern neighbour.

This post makes a number of interesting claims; I don’t know enough Canadian history to know if I’m being taken for a ride. See what others have to say at Technorati.