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A Million Deaths Is A Statistic

Matt Cordes modified the Zombie simulators to give humans a chance to fight back. Its fascinating, because with some small mods to the source, you get a much more interesting simulation. (Unfortunately, I don’t see Matt’s source anywhere, so I can’t say how long it might have taken.)

The simulation makes viscerally clear how chains of random events interacting are dependent on initial conditions. So some advice to those about to be plagued by zombies:

  1. Don’t Panic — This remains excellent advice. If you panic, you can’t fight, and become zombie food.
  2. Fight back early. When there are only a few zombies, you actually have a good chance of stopping them.
  3. Keep your zombies contained. If this means sealing off areas, do it. The cornered folks will fight better, and the rest of you can play whack-a-zombie as they move through narrow spaces.
  4. Consider getting a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide