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Security Breach Notification Symposium

Next Friday (March 6th) I’ll be speaking at the “Security Breach Notification Symposium:”

A one-day symposium on identity theft and security breaches. Experts from law, government, computer science, and economics will discuss laws that protect personal information and suggest reforms to strengthen them. Although most agree that reforms are needed, leading thinkers clash on what the solutions should be. Questions remain concerning the scope of security breach laws, their effectiveness, and cost. Critics argue that notification laws are wasteful and that most breaches aren’t connected to identity theft. Supporters say the laws create vital incentives to safeguard information and reveal hidden cracks in security.

The symposium begins with a session on California’s security breach law and continues with a look at current research and proposed reforms by the state’s top policy makers and scholars.

Conference Information and agenda is online at:

DETAILS: The program is free for public interest groups and media. Registration required by the general public. For more info, go to

Space is still available, please join us!

[Update: the linked site had permission issues, now fixed. Thanks Chris!]

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