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Breaches in SEC Reports

Gregory Fleischer saw my Shmoo talk, and was kind enough to tell me when he found breaches in SEC reports:

At your Shmoocon talk you mentioned that you had difficulty finding SEC filings related to security breaches. I was doing some research and came across several SEC filings that discuss security breaches.

Generally, these items are going to appear in either a 10-Q or 10-K. Typically, this will be some boilerplate warning in the risk factors section such as:

A material security breach of our information systems or data could harm our reputation, cause a decrease in the number of customers, and adversely affect our financial condition or results of operations.

He’s found that this Google search against the edgar-online site works well: (“disclosure of personal information”|”security breach”) (“10-K”|”10K”|”10-Q”|”10Q”)

I haven’t had time to read all of these, but being a fan of evidence, I wanted to share data points as I learned them.

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