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Pro-User Zealot!

Get the bumper sticker!

The background is that a Canadian MP, Sam Bulte, referred to people other than her film and music business corporate backers as “pro-user zealots” at an all candidates meeting. (Michael Geist has a good summary in “The Bulte Video, Boingboing has covered it extensively, and Technorati can help you find lots of posts on the issue, which seems to be the only reason anyone is blogging about her campaign.) “Those backers should be free to back candidates that they like, but I do worry about Ms. Bulte not getting out enough and talking to her constituents with the right to vote. They might tell her that having a rootkit installed by Sony on their computers is bad, or complain that they can’t copy a recording they made of themselves with a MiniDisc player. Further, I am proud to be a pro-user zealot, although I do hate the term “user” as a derogatory synonym for customer.

[Update: Err, when saying, “get the bumper sticker” and expounding upon one’s pro-user zealotry, it might be helpful to actually link to the bumper sticker, such that users may act on the suggestion provided.]

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