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Help EFF Analyze Formerly Secret FBI Docs

In “Help EFF Examine Once-Secret FBI Docs,” the folks at EFF ask for your help doing what Congress won’t. Engaging in oversight of our civil servants:

We’ve already started scouring newly-released documents relating to the misuse of National Security Letters to collect Americans’ private information. But don’t let us have all fun — you, too, can dive into the docs and help uncover the truth about the FBI’s abuse of power. All 1138 pages are freely downloadable (with searchable text) from EFF’s website, and we’ll be posting a new batch every month.

A related request, from Ryan Single over at 27B-6, is to “Help Wired News Make Sense of FBI Computer Crime Stats.”

Really, there hasn’t been such a good opportunity to uncover illegal activity by Uncle Sam the Church Committee hearings. It’s like shootin’ fish in a barrel.

Go take a look.

2 comments on "Help EFF Analyze Formerly Secret FBI Docs"

  • Why don’t you spend your time and energy looking at translated Iraqi documents? You might learn a few things that you haven’t heard from the mainstream media/Democrat Party.

  • Adam says:

    Thanks for the link.
    I wasn’t aware of this, but on a quick scan, I have a couple of concerns:

    1. I have no way of knowing if the docs are real.
    2. Not speaking Arabic, I can’t tell if these docs are being accurately translated
    3. I can’t tell what wasn’t translated to get context.
    4. I lack the context to understand the docs, even assuming they’re real, appropriately selected and well-translated.
    5. I have no ability to influence what’s happening in Iraq.

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