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Must … extend … grasp!

Each aircraft operation … with a MTOW of more than
12,500 pounds, must conduct a search of the aircraft before departure
and screen passengers, crew members and other persons, and all
accessible property before boarding in accordance with security
standards and procedures approved by TSA.

[Seperately, charter aircraft run as clubs…] These clubs transport members and their baggage all over the world
without the security measures required by TSA. Given this period of
heightened security concern, it is critical that such operations are in
compliance with TSA’s security procedures and requirements.

Indeed they do. And their planes haven’t been involved in terror incidents because small aircraft are simply not that interesting as terror weapons. (In comparison to say, a truck loaded with fertilizer and fuel oil.) The TSA apparently feels the bureaucrat’s intense need to regulate, and look! there’s a whole space where liberty isn’t being infringed!

I’m not sure how large a 12,500 lb aircraft is … anyone? It seems that the second measure applies to companies like netjet and aircraft shares, which have soared in popularity because of the speed and efficiency with which they operate.

(Via Cryptome.)

2 comments on "Must … extend … grasp!"

  • It’s security theatre, not security.

  • Ari Levien says:

    12 500lb is the max takeoff weight of a Beech KingAir 200 (IIRC), which seats about 10 including crew. For comparison, an “average” light single-engined aircraft weighs around 3200lbs.

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