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Choicepoint, March 24/25

  • The Federal Reserve has joined the FDIC in ordering banks to notify customers of breaches.
  • Forbes reports that Choicepoint director Thomas Coughlin has resigned his day job at Wal-Mart:
    “A senior board member of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. resigned Friday following an internal investigation related to personal reimbursements, billing and company gift cards.”

  • [Choicepoint CEO] Derek Smith has apparently received threats via fax, according to TV station WXIA Atlanta. Here’s a cheat sheet for you:
    • Denying his job application because of a Texas criminal record: Entertaining.
    • Sending him Nigerian spam from a Kinko’s in LA: Self-referentially ironically cool.
    • Sending threats: Not cool.
  • Scott Berinato has a column at CSO Magazine calling this the Waterloo of information security. (Is there a permalink to that column?)
  • The Christian Science Monitor has an editorial entitled “Locking Out Identity Thieves.” The subtitle is “Why are data collectors blocking efforts to require notice of a security breach?”

    One problem that critics point out: Consumers might also limit their own ability to obtain credit. But that’s a small price to pay for privacy and a more secure online identity.

The best way to see all my Choicepoint posts is probably the category archive for Choicepoint. [Update: added Berinato column, 2: Identified Smith]

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