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No Fly List: Welcome, Salman Rushdie

D Magazine is looking for a private plane to transport Salman Rushdie so he can speak at an event in Dallas. Apparently, he’s been denied the ability to board a plane. Maybe someone realized he’s associated with Islamic Terrorists? (Via Virginia Postrel.)

In other news, the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association has released an airline security report card.

4 comments on "No Fly List: Welcome, Salman Rushdie"

  • Anonymous says:

    Dont see what is so special about salman rushdie? This is a man who sold himself so so cheap long time ago, and no one ever cared about him (except his zionist sponsors)

  • adam says:

    Normally I moderate away zero-content comments, but I think its useful to show yet another example of zionist being confused with Jew, and used as a slur.

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s no confusion here. No one talked about jews!!

  • adam says:

    Oh, I’d forgotten, all those athiest zionists really care deeply about Salman Rushdie, and sponsor his work.

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