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Small Bits: Avoid Brink's, Code Metrics, Privacy Regs, Blackstone

  • Ed Foster writes about Brink’s contract provisions with contracts that don’t go month to month, but year to year when you try to leave.

    Brink’s is fully within their right to write such contracts, and I’m free to suggest that you should consider shopping elsewhere. (Via Dan Gillmor.)

  • Mark Miller suggests a new code metric, having earlier complained about other metrics.
  • The FDIC may be nationalizing notification laws for banks, according to this Arizona Republic article. So lets see, you’ll need to notify if its California, Georgia, Mass, or Connecticut citizens, or if you’re a bank…Maybe it’s time for some Federal legislation, requiring disclosure if you lose control of non-public personal information?
  • Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England are online. (Via Volokh.)

One comment on "Small Bits: Avoid Brink's, Code Metrics, Privacy Regs, Blackstone"

  • Ian says:

    I was hit by the same evergreen provision when I switched from Videotron cable modem service in Montreal, to a DSL provider. Even more furstratingly, the original contract I signed *didn’t* have an evergreen provision. But at some point, Videotron ‘notified’ me (apparently by sending email to their POP account for me, which I never once accessed) that the contract was being unilaterally changed. One of the changes was of course the evergreen provision.
    I wrote several letters back and forth, and talked to a number of people there, but they never backed down, and I ended up giving in. 🙁

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