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A Total Eclipse of Rational Thought

bonnie-tyler.jpgNick Owen brings us the story of how passengers on a Paris-Mauritius flight are suing Air France, because Bonnie Tyler sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” (He also brings us the headline, and the closing thought, “I assumed that first class was always filled with song. If the first class can’t sing love ballads, then the terrorists have won.”)

That having been said, you should still go read his post, because I can’t steal all his jokes.

Image from Love Song Lyrics

One comment on "A Total Eclipse of Rational Thought"

  • Iang says:

    Reading between the lines, the flight staff probably did get a bit out of hand and provide a miserable experience to the passengers. Flight crew are known to be dictatorial, and that might have spilled over into *their* party mood, leading them to make errors of judgement in their choice of entertainment 🙂

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