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Small Bits: Digitizing Art, Making Sense, Wages of Sin, Pookmail

  • Capturing the Unicorn is an article at the New Yorker about the hubris of technologists trying to capture art. (The technologists win, but the archivist in me asks: CDs?)
  • 13 things that do not make sense is a New Scientist article about, well, 13 things that don’t make sense. Some foolish people might look at it, and say, look, science doesn’t have all the answers. But that’s ok. Science doesn’t need to provide all the answers. It provides us a way to approach problems, which often involves saying “huh. I just don’t know. How could we find an answer?”
  • Financial Cryptography discusses “The Wages of Sin,” with a Forbes article on the market gap left by Paypal’s choice to apply a morality bit to transactions.
  • is a free web site to send spam to.
  • Finally, San Jose Medical Group was broken into, and two computers were stolen, with personal data about 185,000 people. Interestingly, that’s three times as many as they say they serve on their home page.

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  • Chris Walsh says:

    It’s 3X as many because anyone who used their services in the last seven years is a potential victim, according to their FAQ on the incident.

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