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Thoughts on Farris Hassan, the 'Iraq Teenager'

farris-hassan.jpgIf you haven’t read about Farris Hassan and his trip, take a minute to do so. He flew to Iraq to learn what was going on.

I’d like to start by congratulating the teachers at Pine Crest School. How often, today, are teachers so inspiring? The goal of school should be to develop both a deep thirst for knowledge, and the skills and techniques to obtain that knowledge. (I had many such great teachers. I even took classes with some of them.) The wisdom to assess strategies for learning must come from both the schools, and more importantly, the parents. Before I get to the parents, I’d like to mention the Pine Crest President’s message which says “On your journey, you will hear our youngest students being inquisitive, digging deeper than you would think possible…” Indeed.

Now, as to his parents, I’ll let them speak for themselves: “‘I’m going to hug him. He’s my little angel,’ his mother, Shatha Atiya, said Friday after learning he was on his way home.”