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300,000 words and counting

It’s my one year blogiversary. In that time, about 300,000 words including comments and trackbacks have been posted in 957 articles. That’s a little over 2.6 articles a day, some of which some of you seem to have enjoyed reading. Moveable type added about 40,000 words of html tags, colon tagged junk etc. So, really, fewer, but counting is sorta tough, and I feel lazy about writing code tonight. Maybe over the weekend, because I’m curious about silly things like which words I use most.

I was going to talk a little about my readership, but in looking at my logs, it seems that I have a lot of readers on places like Bloglines, Bacarospo,, and even Livejournal. Its hard to decide how to count those. Maybe soon.

I’d like to thank all the folks who come by and read, and a special thanks to those who comment or link.

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