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While We’re Talking TSA

thoughtcrime.jpgAirport ID programs plagued by delays,” “Newarks screeners might just suck,” “TSA delays cargo worker background checks ” and finally, “To the hassles of air travel, add $1.4 million in fines:”

Passengers can be fined for their actions too. For example, “interference with screening” that includes physical contact could cost a traveler $1,500 to $5,000, and “non-physical contact” $500 to $1,500.

In reviewing incident reports, TSA officials consider factors such as whether the passenger tried to conceal the item or the “attitude of the violator.”

I’d ask what “non-physical contact” entails, but I’m taking TSA’s advice and “try[ing] not to over-think these guidelines.”

Like the posters say: “Thoughtcrime doesn’t pay. Don’t fuck with TSA.”

Update: don’t miss “Arrested in ATL-plastic bag too big.”

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