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Small Bits of Chaos: How to Present, ID Theft Victims List

higB at secureme has good advice for presenters at security cons.

Ian G has a good post explaining that government only illegally links their databases when they want to, not when it could help the citizenry. No privacy story is ever truly complete without a tool of the man talking out both sides of their mouth:

Don Girard, a spokesman for Experian, acknowledged his firm had seen the problem, but said it was extremely rare.

“I can tell you we have quite a few people looking into this,” he said.

Extremely rare? Then why have all those folks looking at it? Maybe they’re not sure how many people are at risk?

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  • anonymous says:

    Ask yourself why they would make and market “Social Search” that shows up to 20 consumers using the same social security number if it was rare as well.
    Link here
    The other thing you should note.
    On June 6,2004 Don Girard denied the practice occured in the Salt Lake Tribune article “A New Wrinkle in ID Theft”
    Just thought you might to have like the information.

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