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Ryan Russel, A Sample Please

Over at the Open Source Vulnerability Database blog, we learn that Ryan Russel has won the “Oldest Vulnerability Contest.” It is in the interests of science that I ask how Mr. Russel was able to come from behind like this. And much as I like and respect Mr. Russel, it’s quite a last minute leap ahead. Are his ratios of testosterone to epitestosterone within normal limits?

My eight months in the lead have nothing at all to do with me asking this question, mind you.

One comment on "Ryan Russel, A Sample Please"

  • Ryan Russell says:

    Well, you’ll have to ask Brian about the final decision process. There were no bribes on my part, it would have been difficult with all the free booze at the Defcon Saturday night parties, anyway.
    I *will* admit that my testosterone levels were measured as being at least twice as high as Lance Armstrong’s.

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