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"Proof" that E-Passports Lead to ID Theft

A couple of things caught Stuart Schechter’s eye about the spam to which this image was attached, but what jumped out at me was the name on the criminal’s passport: Frank Moss, former deputy assistant secretary of state for passport services, now of Identity Matters, LLC.

And poor Frank was working so hard to claim that e-passports wouldn’t lead to impersonation or ID thefts.

I’m sorry that someone is impersonating Frank and using his passport to try to drain funds, but we told him that this would happen.


One comment on ""Proof" that E-Passports Lead to ID Theft"

  • Dave Birch says:

    Fun, but I don’t see what it has to do with e-passports, as opposed to boring old non-e passports. Also, I see the image says “Test Sample”, but I suppose people who reply to this kind of e-mail probably wouldn’t pay any attention!


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