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Bring Back The 9/11 Commission

As historians, they did a fantastic job of gathering information. They have credibility and stature. They have the perspective to tie the destruction of New Orleans to the destruction in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, and to consider the failures of leadership and the failures of response in the context of massive new spending to try to protect the American people.

Bring them back, and lets get answers to the questions of what happened in New Orleans, and why we didn’t respond better.

(I’ve discussed their work previously, in “The Two 9/11 Commisson Reports.”)

2 comments on "Bring Back The 9/11 Commission"

  • sama says:

    I assume this post is in jest,…

  • There is some question about their credibility as the ‘Able Danger’ scandal threatens.
    Nonetheless without having read the report – on good authority I have it as well done.
    I would love to see an ably written evaluation of the whole response throughout the wake of the hurricane without partisan interference. There is just too much at stake to play games with this. They should include the wisdom of using levees (as there is a bit of controversy as to the impact on the delta) as well as any other ‘sacred cows’ such as the concept of not rebuilding New Orleans (where it stood).

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