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Thoughts on Kerik's withdrawl

Kerik issued a statement saying:

“In the course of completing documents required for Senate confirmation, I uncovered information that now leads me to question the immigration status of a person who had been in my employ as a housekeeper and nanny,” he said. “It has also been brought to my attention that for a period of time during such employment required tax payments and related filings had not been made.”

Bad laws, such as US immigration law and its impact on employers, hurt us all. I have no opinion on if Kerik was the right fellow for the job. But if he was, then do we really want a set of laws on the books that keep people like him from serving our country? Do we want laws on the books which are largely unenforcable, and get selectively enforced like this?

If even a police chief can’t keep his ducks in a row, perhaps we have a few laws too many, or a few of the wrong laws?