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Choicepoint, May 12

  • has an article “Lawyers See Data ‘Fear Factor’ Rising:”

    The suits, which have been consolidated in federal court in Los Angeles and are requesting class action status, seek monetary, statutory and punitive damages, including compensation for the anxiety of waiting and wondering. They also aim to represent consumers regardless of whether their data were used by thieves or not. Harrington v. Choicepoint, No. 2:05-CV-01294-SJO-JWJ (C.D. Calif.).

    “Once the data is stolen and is out there, people have a legitimate fear that they’re going to become victims, and that’s damage right there,” said attorney James B. Fishman, a consumer rights expert and partner at New York’s Fishman & Neil.

  • America’s Finest News Source covers things with “Arizona Man Steals Bush’s Identity, Vetoes Bill, Meets With Mexican President,” and “No One Even Heard of This Company Till I Dragged Us Into A Corporate Scandal,” although somehow they’ve replaced CEO Derek Smith with “Darrel Greunwald.” I’m sure they “Regret The Error,” and will issue a correction soon.
  • Finally, today’s Two Minutes Hate comes to you via Simson Garfinkel, who has a few choice words about the original Choicepoint letter in “ChoicePoint Redux in CSO.” (Updated to correct Choicepoint letter links. I blame enemies of IngSoc.)