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The Pogues Show


What an amazing show. Shane MacGowan slurred a lot, but I just couldn’t care when he sang ‘Brown Eyes’ or ‘The Greenland’ or ‘The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn.’

They’re touring the western states.

Photo: “The Pogues in Seattle on October 17, 2007 – first show of US tour” by Dan10Things.

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  • Chris says:

    Ahh one of my favorite bands. I saw Shane here in Chitown maybe 3 years ago, and the Pogues in Providence on March 7, 1986. The ’86 gig was great. The “stage”, as I recall, was an area of the dance floor sort of cordoned off. There may have been a platform, but it didn’t exceed 18″ in height. An “immersive experience” one might say. The cheap beer and abundant sweat make that a doubly apt description. The Pogues gigs list says the ’86 show was at Lupo’s, but I thought it was at the Living Room. Anyhoo, they’d better tour the eastern US (and I do NOT mean just Boston and New York….)

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