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Relentless Navel Gazing

I never really liked the bar down the side of my blockquotes, and have finally replaced them, with a style stolen from Simple Thoughts. They’re in 52pt Copperplate as transparent background gifs. Does anyone know how to add a second image, at bottom right?

background: url( no-repeat bottom right;
url( no-repeat top left;
into the CSS didn’t seem to work.

[Update: I answer my own question in “Relentless Navel Gazing, Pt 9.”]

4 comments on "Relentless Navel Gazing"

  • Chris Walsh says:

    Recipe 1.12 from the O’Reilly CSS Cookbook purports to do this.
    The trick used is to make the quoted text a paragraph (using tags which I think will get stripped from this comment), and to make the closing quote image in the background of the p, and the opening quote image in the background of the blockquote (as you have done).

  • Adam says:

    hmmm, so I tried adding
    blockquote p {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0 22px 10px 0;
    background-image: url( no-repeat bottom right;}
    to it, and p /p to inside the quotes, but no luck.
    Also, it seems that for multi-para quotes, I’ll end up with a close-quote at the end of each para…

  • Chris Walsh says:

    See the specified url for a technique Google led me to. Couldn’t find it last night. Caffeine makes all the difference, sometimes.

  • adam says:

    mmm. The search is strong with this one. But over-caffinated he may be.

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