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MI5 Head Critiques Government on Liberties

The BBC reports:

A former head of MI5 has accused the government of exploiting the fear of terrorism to restrict civil liberties. Dame Stella Rimington, 73, stood down as the director general of the security service in 1996…”Furthermore it has achieved the opposite effect – there are more and more suicide terrorists finding a greater justification.”

What’s new? It’s gone far enough that even former spy chiefs are speaking out.

Let’s stop the madness, and embrace liberty and the risk that the chaos won’t be all for the good.

Thanks to Nicko for the pointer.

One comment on "MI5 Head Critiques Government on Liberties"

  • Anonymous says:

    The terrorists are those who cause terror. I have had more terror and adverse effects on liberty due to short-sighted government beurocrazies and corponations than from any hamas, al-queda, or other foreign people and agencies. That really makes me wonder why I pay taxes.

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