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(T)ourism (S)uppression (A)gency

Webflyer has a good post about the economics of new security rules that the TSA wants to impose:

Requiring information to be submitted an hour before flight takeoff involves a full 75 minutes greater notice than currently provided. This will mean passengers turning up at the airport at least an additional hour in advance of flight time. Multiplied across all the passengers each day, that’s millions of lost productivity hours each year.

Don’t forget, this is Uncle Sam imposing those hour-plus waits in the aircraft that they fine airlines for and an efficiency loss for the airline of something between a sixth and a half of the flying time of their airplanes, or a need for huge passenger holding pens (with restrooms) at each gate.

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  • Axel says:

    I’ve decided that if the USA want my personal data so desperately I can well move my vacation trips to Canada. At least there I can expect a minimum of data privacy.

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