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SteveC, whose comments are broken, says:

“wikinews is demoing here. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I can’t wait for wiki… wiki… wikigovernment. Or something. We could all edit the laws. yay!”

Me, I want WikiAirlineSchedules.

2 comments on "Wikinews"

  • dbs says:

    In the end, we will all be wikis.
    To me the age of using ‘vi’ to create webpages is past. CMS is the way to go now, whether that be wiki, blog, or appserver.

  • adam says:

    You’re mostly right. I actually use MarsEdit to edit this blog, but I write the html in that. I’m also using emacs and rcs to edit up some docs that only I get to edit, and its useful to have them on my laptop. Its also nicer to have them in html than PDF, so I don’t use LaTex for them.

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