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Vaclav Havel on the EU

For some reason, enemies of Václav Havel want him to waste his astounding moral authority by becoming Secretary General of the UN. I prefer he remain a private citizen, where there is nothing to hold him back from this most elegant dressing down of the European Union:

I vividly remember the slightly ludicrous, slightly risqué and somewhat distressing predicament in which Western diplomats in Prague found themselves during the Cold War. They regularly needed to resolve the delicate issue of whether to invite to their embassy celebrations various Charter 77 signatories, human-rights activists, critics of the communist regime, displaced politicians, or even banned writers, scholars and journalists — people with whom the diplomats were generally friends.

and compares to today’s EU Foreign Policy.

I’m not going to write anything else today. Go read what Mr. Havel has written. Really.

(Via Jim Lindgren at Volokh.)