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Don't Have a Cow!


Or, perhaps, in this instance, having a cow would be a perfectly fine response, as it is revealed that the average European cow gets a subsidy of $2.62 a day. About 3,000,000,000 people live on less than that.

Doubtless, if cows could call their representatives and vote, the subsidy would be higher.

(Research by Oxfam, reported by the Guardian “Subsidising cows while milking the poor,” via Alex Singleton, via Johan Norberg.)

One comment on "Don't Have a Cow!"

  • Saar Drimer says:

    Interesting timing.
    Yesterday I went on a long bike ride with my supervisor and his girlfriend in the cambridgeshire area. I’ve seen the fattest cows and largest chicken ever. (the cows must have been pregnant, they were huge!) We also happened upon a sugar beet plantations (no sugar canes around here.) It was said that it is heavily subsidized to compete with cheaper non-EU sugar. This is true for almost anything produced in the EU… subsidize in order to compete. Doesn’t make sense, but the appropriate lobbies are still effective.

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