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Not Because It Is Easy, But Because We Can


Twelve barrels of the world’s most alcoholic whisky, or enough to wipe out a medium-size army, will be produced when the Bruichladdich distillery revives the ancient tradition of quadruple-distilling today. With an alcohol content of 92 per cent, the drink may not be the most delicate single malt ever produced but it is by far and away the world’s strongest. Malt whisky usually has an alcohol content of between 40 per cent and 63.5 per cent.

Mark Reynier, Bruichladdich’s managing director, said: “We are doing this because we have this ancient recipe and therefore we can. It is unlikely that we will ever produce any more quadruple distilled malt again, so we expect it to become much sought after.”

(From the Times Online, via DM. I wonder if they’re patenting the process?)

2 comments on "Not Because It Is Easy, But Because We Can"

  • David Maynor says:

    NTP owns the patent, they will seek to get an injunction against consumption of anything quadruple distilled.

  • 92% in the shade of the Bruichladdich distillery?s stills

    As the single grain come out of the still, it has a proof of 94.8 %, it has to be said that it is distilled in patent stills. Irish single malts are triple distilled and have a proof of about 80%. As for scottish single malts, they are double distilled…

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