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TSA Lies, Could Face Time Fines


Homeland Security officials who defied Congress and misled the public by creating secret files on American citizens while testing a new passenger screening program may have engaged in multiple counts of criminal conduct, and at least one employee has already lied to cover-up the misdeed.

Read “TSA Lies, Could Face Fines” at Secondary Screening.

Pictured is Acting Assistant Secretary Kenneth S. Kasprisin, who is allowing his subordinates to break the law. Kasprisin has failed to take basic measures, like calling for the program to be halted, or speaking out against lawbreaking by his employees.

In ironically similar news, Nixon patsy and acting FBI director at the time of Watergate, L. Patrick Gray says he felt betrayed by the disclosure that his #2 man Felt was Deep Throat. Mr. Gray contributed to White House obstruction of justice by feeding FBI documents to John Dean. Mr. Gray also failed to prevent wrongdoing by those around him.

It was of course, the Watergate scandal that lead to the Freedom of Information law which is being used to prise the truth out of TSA.

4 comments on "TSA Lies, Could Face Time Fines"

  • Harry says:

    Adam, the headline has been corrected to read “TSA Lied, Could Face Criminal Fine” and has been updated to include “Update: The headline has been corrected to reflect that the Privacy Act’s criminal misdemeanor is punishable only by a fine up to $5000.”
    $5,000 is too small a penalty, in my opinion. This is one of the rare occasions when huge fines and lengthy prison sentences are appropriate.

  • Adam says:

    Ooops! You’re right! I think that just shows how long I’ve had the tab open, waiting for the blog-muse to emerge.

  • Chris Walsh says:

    IANAL, but perhaps conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is itself a felony.
    Not that I expect that to matter in this case.

  • Ed says:

    Another victory for DHS. I am always inspired anew when I see the crack DHS security elite in action; after all, in this post 911 world, even one ounce of civil liberty is one ounce to many.

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