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Edited Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25

I’m continuing to tweak in the hopes of balancing useful & overwhelming. This week I’m not only cutting down the chaos a bit, but adding the emergent categories. Also, my tweets precede the Re-Tweets. Comments welcome.

  • Where can I send people new to infosec for security mentoring, confident that they'll get broad, data-centered advice? (#newschool) #
  • Just got entranced by (by @infobeautiful?) #
  • RT @alexhutton I wonder how much ISACA spends in SEO. Because unless @adamshostack is spending something, this is funny #
  • RT @bittman Yeh, exactly, by @tlaskawy. ‘Pink slime’ is the tip of the iceberg: #
  • RT @OSVDB 3 new IBM CTSS vulns from 1962 (x2) and 1965 added. << I forgot to ask, do you have working PoC code? #
  • RT @bobblakley Moving on: after 5 great years at Burton & Gartner, I'm moving to Citigroup to become Head of Info Sec Innovation < Congrats! #
  • Hey, Verizon’s DBIR 2012 is now out and available!:

  • RT @wadebaker We're happy to announce that the 2012 #DBIR is out. Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. #
  • "RT" @rmogull "Here's my guide to how to read the Verizon DBIR" #
  • Security and People:

  • The New York Times encourages readers to submit the answers to their password recovery questions. #
  • Fascinating SE technique Where does the dialog get the "Software Update" name? (cc IntegoSecurity) #
  • RT @Beaker Seriously. It's 2012 & banks are STILL using full SSN as USERNAMES!? WTF. Looking @ you, BofA << you'd prefer it as password? 😉 #
  • RT @arstechnica Facebook says it may sue employers who demand job applicants' passwords: by @JBrodkin #
  • RT @sambowne: 2-factor auth via cell phone is bad b/c SMS often takes 6 hours to arrive –Facebook Security #hnpworkshops2012 < Details pls? #
  • TSA:

  • RT @mtyka Congress Wants Your TSA Stories @slashdot #
  • RT @GreatDismal Above the head of every TSA line, beyond the scanners: the ghostly, smug, perpetually gratified eyes of OBL. #
  • Other jerks: special edition:

  • Women as a "perk" for a programming event is super-lame. #
  • RT @window RT @shanley Copy for @sqoot hackathon: "Women: Need another beer? Let one of our friendly (female) event staff get that for you." #
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