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Pre-Defcon Summit, and some small bits


The fine folks at DC702 are going to be hosting a “pre-Defcon Summit” and fundraiser for the EFF. I’m pleased to be a featured guest, and urge you to show up, contribute to the EFF, and hang out.

Hmmm, this needs some extra text to balance the icon. Dumb stylesheet. Who the heck wrote that thing, anyway?

Someone needs to teach me him, yeah, teach him CSS.

Ok, some small bits to fill the space:

DadaMail! Not just a web based e-mail list manager, but a conceptual art project! Thanks, Purple One!

Or maybe “US consumers want companies fined for security breaches:”

A large majority – 87% – of respondents also feel that companies that fail that to protect confidential data should be required by law to pay to restore consumers’ credit ratings. The survey found 40% of respondents think it would cost $1000 or more to clear their credit record.