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DVD Player

[Substantially more than] a week ago, I asked what DVD player I should get. I didn’t get the answer, but I did get a lot of “I’d like to know.” I wanted to share that I ended up with a Philips DVP-5140. It was cheap, there’s an easy fix for the region bug explained in the Amazon page, and it plays CDs full of AVIs.

It doesn’t let me control what plays when quite as fully as I’d like, and I haven’t yet tested it for scratch management.

(I thought I’d posted this months back, given the interest in the question.)

2 comments on "DVD Player"

  • sama says:

    Sorry, I should have answered you before, but the correct answer is “the cheapest one you can find”. They break easily, and they’re scheduled to be obsolete in a year or three anyways.

  • Ryan Singel says:

    again weird. I was just looking at that same machine this weekend in order to replace my old dvd player — the cheap one that could play most anything back in the day. I even put it in my shopping cart at some famous e-retailer. will push buy later today…

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