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"Security To The Core"

In a post titled “self-evidently wrong post title” “Blog Posts Do Not Include The Words ‘dizzying array of talent,’” Tom Ptacek points out that Arbor Networks has a blog. Jose Nazario’s “The Market-Driven (Vulnerability) Economy” post is pretty good.

However, I think we need video of Dug Song reading this text, which in “News Flash: Arbor Networks Joins the Security “Blogosphere,”” is attributed to him:

Our holistic approach to network security reflects the dizzying array of talent represented here, with backgrounds ranging from biochemistry to Internet infrastructure research, network processing hardware to mission-critical network operations. In the coming months, we hope you will be entertained, pleasantly surprised and maybe even enlightened by what we have to share. It is just another way for us to give a little back to the community.

In fact, I want video of Dug walking into a room, sitting down, and then reading that text, because I don’t think he could do it without giggling. I know I couldn’t.

3 comments on ""Security To The Core""

  • David Brodbeck says:

    This reminds me of a job post I saw on back in the 90s, for a computer programming position. It was written in ALL CAPS, and actually contained the phrase “L33T SK1LLZ”. I imagine they got exactly the sort of applicatns they deserved.

  • Adam says:

    Tom, I give you link love, and you give me hate. Our relationship suffers.

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