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Keynote can't Export to Web?!?

I was just playing with Keynote, working on some slides for Shmoocon, when I realized that I couldn’t get my slides onto the web! Now, I’ve griped about how Powerpoint makes its slides for the web, but at least it makes them.

It seem that Tim Bray figured this out a while ago, but I missed it. Others comment that it should be possible to move from XML to HTML, but it’s still just a wishlist item.

Do any of the free software packages have a solid presentation creator, with good export to powerpoint and web?

5 comments on "Keynote can't Export to Web?!?"

  • Chris Connelly says:
    S5: Simple Stardards-based Slide Show System
    Uses XHTML, javascript and CSS. very elegant

  • adam says:

    Cool! It fails elegantly, too–you can view the outline without javascript, adding javascript makes it elegant.

  • Hasan Diwan says:

    It can export to PDF, which you can then convert to HTML if you wait for google to pick it up. Or you can write your own code to do so…

  • Kevin Marks says:

    It will export to QuickTime, which you can embed in your webpage. If you want a web-based tool, S5 is better. If you wnat glitz or diagrams, the QT export is good.

  • adam says:

    Thanks Kevin, I’m a big fan of making things fast and easy, and so S5 is the right tool for me. If I made complex transitions, then I could see QT being useful. (OTOH, I think that the goal of a presentation is to share information, and so I very rarely use any sort of transition that I care about. They’re there to make things interesting to look at while I’m speaking. If you’re reading the slides, I want to give you slides & my notes.
    I am hopeful that Keynote 2.0 will fix this. If not, I may write some XSLT to transform .AXPL to S5’s format.

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