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The EFF has filed an amicus brief on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Washington, D.C.—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and leading cybersecurity experts today urged the Supreme Court to rein in the scope of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)—and protect the security research we all rely on to keep us safe—by holding…

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I want to call out some impressive aspects of a report by Proofpoint: TA410: The Group Behind LookBack Attacks Against U.S. Utilities Sector Returns with New Malware. There are many praise-worthy aspects of this report, starting from the amazing lack of hyperbole, and the focus on facts, rather than opinions. The extraordinary lack of adjectives…

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The Sonatype 2020 DevSecOps Community Survey is a really interesting report. Most interesting to me is the importance of effective communication, with both tools and human communication in developer happiness. But even more important is my belief that to reach developers Star Wars is better than Star Trek is confirmed. No bias there.

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There’s an interesting new draft, Best Practices for IoT Security:What Does That Even Mean? It’s by Christopher Bellman and Paul C. van Oorschot. The abstract starts: “Best practices for Internet of Things (IoT) security have recently attracted considerable attention worldwide from industry and governments, while academic research has highlighted the failure of many IoT product…

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As security professionals, have we ever sat down and truly made an effort to empirically determine what controls are actually effective in our environment and what controls do very little to protect our environment or, worse yet, actually work to undermine our security. That’s from The Need for Evidence Based Security, by Chris Frenz, is…

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Understanding the way intrusions really happen is a long-standing interest of mine. This is quite a different set of questions compared to “how long does it take to detect,” or “how many records are stolen?” How the intrusion happens is about questions like: Is it phishing emails that steal creds? Email attachments with exploits? SQL…

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