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RFID Watchdog

Normally, I don’t repost things I see on Boing Boing, but in this case, I’ll make an exception. Cory linked to a paper by Melanie R. Rieback and Georgi N. Gaydadjiev titled, A Platform for RFID Security and Privacy Administration which discusses the design and implementation of RFID Guardian, which is in effect a mobile RFID firewall that in the long run could be built into a phone or pda.
I’m very excited about this project. We’ve posted several times here about various issues and solutions around RFID, and it’s nice to finally see a potential solution that does not involve wearing aluminum underpants.

2 comments on "RFID Watchdog"

  • Chris says:

    I note with pleasure that Andy Tanenbaum is also listed as an author. IIRC his group also got some press for developing a proof-of-concept “RFID virus” about a year or so ago. Good stuff. The downside now is that for those of us who came to security via UNIX, the meaning of “SIGINT” has now been overloaded. :^)

  • Matt says:

    Ms. Rieback gave a very cool presentation on RFID Guardian at Defcon last summer. Not often that you see the material from a Defcon talk in the LISA Best Paper 😀

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