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Mossberg's Mailbox

This week’s Mossberg’s Mailbox has a great point, that I can’t resist sharing: “However, I feel compelled to note that, if you allow your Internet usage to be totally ruled by security fears, you may miss out on a lot.” He then goes on to discuss some of the always on benefits such as automatic updates and online backups while you sleep. Mr Mossberg doesn’t discuss the potential risks of leaving your computer on more often, but given the current rate of exploitation, I think this is really an irrelevant concern. Let’s hear it for some sane thought on risk.

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  • David Brodbeck says:

    Yeah, I really think people overestimate the protection offered by not having an always-on connection. I once connected an unpatched Windows 2000 system to a dynamic IP dialin. It was infected within 20 minutes.

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