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40 Million Pounds Sterling Stolen from British Bank

As reported in The Australian, a group of co-ordinated criminals stole over 40 millions pounds in cash from a processing center. They did so, by the expedient process of dressing up as police officers and kidnapping the wife and child of one of the center’s managers. They then were escorted on site where they subdued local guards and loaded the money onto a truck. By all reports, this was well coordinated and the entire effort took less than a couple of hours in actual execution time. This reminds me of an old Yiddish saying that my father is fond of: “To a thief, there is no lock.”
[Edit: Made title more clear]
[Update: According to Forbes, three people have been charged by police already, including a bank employee.]
[Update 2: One person, the three I mention above are from a 2004 heist that looks very similar]
[Edit 2: The 2004 heist used very similar MOs. Police think they may be linked events]
[Edit 3: (It’s one of those days) The three people referenced in the original update were arrested in relation to the 2004 heist. An unrelated person was arrested today with regard to this current heist.]

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  • Adam says:

    I sugggest we issue them all those impersonable policemen forgery-proof IDs with a central register and GPS-driven tracking devices.

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