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Less than zero-day

[This was prepared the morning of October 1, but not posted because I expected more to come of the story rather quickly. It now appears that 1. is true.]
OK, so at Toorcon a couple of guys — one of whom works at SixApart — reported on a Firefox 0day.
These gents claim to have another 30 vulns that they are going to hold onto.
That’s interesting. Mozilla offers a $500 bug bounty. Therefore, I conclude that either:

  1. These guys do not have the 0days they claim to have, or
  2. They expect to get more than $500 for them elsewhere, or
  3. They dislike money

I find 3. hard to believe.

3 comments on "Less than zero-day"

  • Mr. X says:

    Ok, third-hand information but…
    I heard from a friend of those individuals, and they say they were just joking. So, option 1.

  • Chris says:

    Agreed, Mr. X. That’s what I was saying up top in the square brackets.

  • Tyler Close says:

    I’ve submitted a security critical bug to Mozilla and filed for a bug bounty, but have not received one. Do they actually pay up? If my experience is typical, that would explain the reluctance/apathy towards submitting further bugs.

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