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Banksy Again

Or how museum security is like information security. Or as Sivacracy put it “Involuntary Art Acquisitions”. Call it what you will, but in all cases it highlights the fact that most security programs be they physical or information focused, tend to be unidirectionally focused. In the case of museums, it is to ensure that nothing illegitimately leaves the premises and in infosec, traditionally it is that no one breaks in.
In this case Banksy walked into several famous New York museums and hung up pieces of his own art.
One can argue that museums shouldn’t worry about people putting up art, but I have to say, I’m worried that it took 3 of the 4 museums multiple days to notice…..

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  • Adam says:

    Given the small size and programmability of devices like wireless routers, how many companies would notice an extra one dropped into some remote network closet?

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