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There’s a really interesting article in MIT Tech Review, Hundreds of AI tools have been built to catch covid. None of them helped. Oops, I think I gave away the ending. But there’s a lot of fascinating details: Many unwittingly used a data set that contained chest scans of children who did not have covid…

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Finally! A Cybersecurity Safety Review Board is a new article by Steve Bellovin and myself at Lawfare. One element of President Biden’s executive order on cybersecurity establishes a board to investigate major incidents involving government computers in somewhat the way that the National Transportation Safety Board investigates aviation disasters. The two of us, among many…

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The National Science Foundation is looking for information on needs for datasets, Dear Colleague Letter: Request for Information on the specific needs for datasets to conduct research on computer and network systems. A draft of my responses is on Google Docs. Comments are due Friday at 5 PM EST. (I thought I’d posted this earlier.)

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If everyone agrees on what we should do, why do we seem incapable of doing it? Alternately, if we are doing what we have been told to do, and have not reduced the risks we face, are we asking people to do the wrong things? Read Mike Tanji’s full article, From Solar Sunrise to Solar…

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You may have noticed that my end of the year posts are all science focused. Today, a set of resources on the COVID vaccines. First, the FDA has authorized two vaccines for emergency use. The review memoranda (Pfizer, Moderna) are all sorts of fascinating. As the kids say, TL;DR: both vaccines are safe and no…

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