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Congratulations to the Chinese for the success of their Chang’e 5 lunar sample return mission! The complexity of landing a robot on the moon and returning it safely to Earth is enormous. In contrast to the Apollo series of missions, which launched and returned inside of a week, Chang’e took a week to get to…

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Andrew McCarthy has an amazing and impressive photographs of the moon on Instagram. To call these photographs is somewhat provocative. In his trilogy, Ansel Adams focuses (sorry! Not sorry) on the camera, the negative, and the print. In The Negagive, he specifically discusses exposing film to light in controlled ways that caused chemical reactions on…

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Congratulations to the Hayabusa2 mission team, who flew to an asteroid, dropped multiple rovers, an impactor and a separate camera satellite to observe the impactor. The Hayabusa2 then flew around, to the far side of the asteroid to avoid ejecta from the impactor. In a few weeks, Hayabusa2 will probably land, collect more samples and…

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I had not seen this amazing picture of Harrison Schmitt near Shorty Crater. Via Astronomy Picture of the Day. If you enjoy these, Full Moon is a gorgeous collection of meticulously scanned Apollo images. There are various editions; I encourage you to get the 11″x11″ one, not the 8×8.

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When you were growing up, 2014 was the future. And it’s become cliche to bemoan that we don’t have the flying cars we were promised, but did get early delivery on a dystopian surveillance state. So living here in the future, I just wanted to point out how cool it is that you can detect…

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July 20, 1969. I’ve blogged about it before. There are people who can write eloquently about events of such significance.  I am not one of them.  I hope that doesn’t stand in the way of folks remembering the amazing accomplishment that the Apollo program was.  

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