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Emergynt has created the Emergynt Risk Deck, a set of 51 cards, representing actors, vulnerabilities, targets, consequences and risks. It’s more a discussion tool than a game, but I have a weakness for the word “emergent,” and I’ve added it to my list of security games Also, Lancaster University has created an Agile Security Game.

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There’s a very interesting paper on the Cyber Grand Challenge by team Shellphish. Lots of details about the grand challenge itself, how they designed their software, how they approached the scoring algorithm, and what happened in the room. There’s lots of good details, but perhaps my favorite is: How would a team that did *nothing*…

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I’m excited to see the call for papers for Passwords 2016. There are a few exciting elements. First, passwords are in a category of problems that someone recently called “garbage problems.” They’re smelly, messy, and no one really wants to get their hands dirty on them. Second, they’re important. Despite their very well-known disadvantages, and…

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I have to start off by apologizing for how very late this review is, an embarrassing long time ago, the kind folks at No Starch Press very kindly gave me a copy of “Super Scratch Programming Adventure” to review. Scratch for those that aren’t familiar is a kids oriented programming language designed by Mitchel Resnick…

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