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People sometimes ask me about my recording setup, and I wanted to share some thoughts about recording good learning content. The most important thing I’ve learned is the importance of conceptualizing what you want it to look like. The other thing I’ve learned is that the more expensive gear is usually more expensive for decent…

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I have been lucky through these unprecendented and challenging times, and I’m grateful to have avoided many of the awful problems that others have faced. In my own little way, I spent a lot of time worried that delivering threat modeling training was only possible with us in the same room together. Through the pandemic,…

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Chris Eng said “Someone should set up a GoFundMe to send whoever wrote the hit piece on password managers to a threat modeling class.” And while it’s pretty amusing, you know, I teach threat modeling classes. I spend a lot of time crafting explicit learning goals, considering and refining instructional methods, and so when a…

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