Threat Modeling Classes

I have been lucky through these unprecendented and challenging times, and I’m grateful to have avoided many of the awful problems that others have faced. In my own little way, I spent a lot of time worried that delivering threat modeling training was only possible with us in the same room together.

Through the pandemic, I’ve rebuilt the way I teach threat modeling. The new structure and the platforms I needed to adapt for my corporate clients also allows me to offer the courses to the public.

Why does that matter to you? If you want to bring structured, systematic and comprehensive security to your work, threat modeling is the way to go. And if you want to learn threat modeling, I aim to offer the very best training available.

I’m happy to announce that I’m offering two open courses in May: Threat Modeling Intensive the week of May 10th, and Threat Modeling for Security Champs, the week of May 24th.

People want to know how they work! I’m leading each of these. The intensive is two hours of live classes daily, and the champs course is one hour. The live portion is augmented with short (recorded) video lectures and homework. And there’s no reason to make everyone do those on a zoom call, so it’s up to each participant to schedule.

Each class is limited to 25 people so that there’s time and space to interact and learn. Those limited seats are probably going to go quickly, so if you’re interested, you should act fast.