Free Threat Modeling Training

The current situation is scary and anxiety-provoking, and I can’t do much to fix that.

One thing I can do is give people a chance to learn, and so I’m making my Linkedin Learning classes free this week. (I’m told that each class is free for the day, so you’ll need to watch each within a day of starting the course.)

These links should open the courses (and as I understand it, start the clock).

3 Comments on "Free Threat Modeling Training"

  1. Thanks for sharing your work, Adam. It doesn’t look like the links above are operational yet, though.

    1. Structure of a good bug report:
      1. What I did
      2. What I expected to happen
      3. What I observed
      4. Impact

    2. Looks like following the links above and clicking on the course titles at the top “Learning Threat Modeling for Security Professionals” does start the course.

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