Measuring ROI for DMARC

I’m pleased to be able to share work that Shostack & Associates and the Cyentia Institute have been doing for the Global Cyber Alliance. In doing this, we created some new threat models for email, and some new statistical analysis of

It shows the 1,046 domains that have successfully activated strong protection with GCA’s DMARC tools will save an estimated $19 million to $66 million dollars from limiting BEC for the year of 2018 alone. These organizations will continue to reap that reward every year in which they maintain the deployment of DMARC. Additional savings will be realized as long as DMARC is deployed.

Their press release from this morning is at here and the report download is here.

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    The purpose of this application is to ensure developers better understand this vulnerability in a fun and engaging way, learn from the mistakes that were made. Effectively we offer this application free for developers and other enthusiasts to try out with our goal they write better more secure code in the future.

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