Celebrating Alt-Left Lawlessness

Lately, I’ve tried to stay away from the tire fire that American politics has become. I’m reasonably certain that I have more to contribute in other areas. But when the President tries to equivocate between those waving the Nazi flag and those protesting against them, we need to speak about what’s acceptable.

It ought to go without saying that when literal Nazis are on one side of a debate, the other side is in the right.

But apparently, that’s not obvious, so I felt I could share a plan for a march by the alt-left, under the ominous name of “Operation Overlord.” They were planning to overthrow the legitimate government all along the coast, and, through force, replace it with their own puppets.

More seriously, we can have disagreements about what’s best for the country, and it’s bad when we demonize those who disagree with us. Civilized society requires us to accept civil disagreement. It accepts that no one is privileged or disadvantaged by an accident of birth: “race, creed or color,” as the expression goes. But civil disagreement, by definition, precludes violence, advocacy of violence or threats of violence.

The Nazi flag is one such threat. Waving it has no purpose except declaring oneself outside society and at odds with the ideals and principles of good people everywhere.

If you’re in a crowd of Nazis, you should be asking why, and walking away.

If you have doubts about what a President should say, here’s a sample:

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  1. “It ought to go without saying that when literal Nazis are on one side of a debate, the other side is in the right.”

    First let’s be clear: Nazis are one of the lowest forms of pond scum on Earth.

    BUT… the statement above is misleading because it’s not complete.

    In WW2 – as you’re alluding it’s the good guys vs the bad guys.

    No it isn’t. It was the good guys PLUS the bad guys vs even more bad guys.
    i.e. The Allies plus Joseph Stalin vs The Nazis.

    This is the exact situation we have in the marches.

    Nazi Scumbags vs Reasonable people (i.e. Liberals) plus Antifa (unreasonable people exactly like Joseph Stalin).

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